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Jr Spike It began using Tripleball rules in 2016.  To find out more about the rules, you can click on the video link or read the rules below.

Tripleball Video Explanation
Jr Spike It Rules


Jr Spike It will now be playing Triple Ball for grades 6 through 8. The rules have been posted on the Spike It website, as well as an instructional video. You should have also received this information from Sport North.

Triple ball Grade 6 and 7 are allowed to hit the ball directly over on the Coaches toss. 

Triple Ball Grade 8, after the coaches toss the player has to pass it (forearm pass/bump ) to another player on their team before it crosses over the net.

It is now permitted to totally cross the center line with any part of 
the body (except for the feet) as long as there is no interference with 
the opponent's play. It remains illegal to do so with 1 foot (or both 
feet) without being in contact with the line.

Receiving a serve overhand with the fingers (like a set or a volley) is 
ILLEGAL. Any such attempts will be called by the official, regardless of the quality of the contact.

Note: The Volleyball Canada Development Committee added this rule 
because they wanted to discourage younger players from setting a serve. 
(and possibly causing injury)

Last year this one was added:

Players are not permitted to make contact with the net at any time.

Rule 1 Player Eligibility:
a) All coaches must carry with them, the proof of age of all of their players during tournament play. Teams that cannot prove the age of their players upon demand will forfeit their games and maybe removed from the tournament.
Proof of age is (PHOTOCOPY) of one of the following:
Birth certificate; Health care card; Passport; Driver's License.
b) The category the player is eligible to compete in is determined by the age of the player on Dec. 31, 2022. Proof of age for each player. Students in grade 6 will need to be 12 years of age or under, grade 7 will be 13 years of age or under and grade 8 willl be 14 years of age or under.*
c) Proof of age must be provided by the coach upon demand. This request may only come from the tournament whip.
d) Use of over aged of Players: There has sometimes been in the past some teams who have asked that they be permitted to use over age players in some categories in order to field a team. Some special cases have been made in the past to some smaller schools who are competing in Spike It for the first time. This however must be approved by the tournament committee before the tournament entry deadline.
The tournament committee goal is not to try to favor some teams over others, we are trying to have as many students play volleyball and have a competition where the playing field is fair for all teams. (You can contact the tournament organizer if more clarification of this point is needed.)
e) Players must be regular full time students. Players must play for the school they attend and can only play for one team in the tournament. (Some exceptions have been made in the past for some of the smaller schools to combine players to make one team.)

Rule 2: Scoring
All matches will consist of best of three games, with rally point. A set is won by the team which first scores 25pts with a minimum lead of two points. There is no point limit on these games. If a third game is needed it will only go to 15pts. In all cases the winning team must win the game by at least 2pts.

Rule 3: Libero Players
Will not be permitted in Jr Spike It.

Rule 4: Ball Touching the Net:
While crossing the net the ball may touch the net. The ball may now touch the net during the service. This is called a Net Service Rule.

Rules 5: Contact with the net:
Contact with the net or the antenna is not a fault, except when a player touches them during his/her action of playing the ball or it interferes with the play.

Rule 6: Service:
The server must hit the ball within 8 seconds after the first referee whistles to authorize the service. The server is allowed only one toss to serve within the 8 seconds. Dribbling or moving the ball in the hands in not considered part of the service execution.

Rule 7: Time Out:
All time outs last for 60 seconds. Each team will be entitled to two time outs of 60 seconds per set. However, timeouts must be take before a serve and not in the middle of a three ball sequence.
Boys 14 and Under - 2.20 m
Girls 14 and Under - 2.10 m
Boys 13 and Under – 2.10 m
Girls 13 and Under – 2.10 m
Boys 12 and Under - 2.10 m
Girls 12 and Under - 2.10 m

Rule 8 : Tie Breaker
The following will be used to break a tie for 2 or more teams after the round robin.
If two or more teams are tied at the end of the preliminary round, the following criteria will be applied, in order:
a) The team having the best ratio of won/lost matches, considering matches between the tied teams, will be ranked higher;
b) The team having the best ratio of won/lost games, considering matches played between the tied teams, will be ranked higher;
c) The team having the best ratio of won/lost games, considering all matches of the round, will be ranked higher;
d) The team having the best ratio of points for/against, considering games played between the tied teams, will be ranked higher;
e) The team having the best ratio of points for/against, considering all games played during the round, will be ranked higher;
f) As determined by the Organizing Committee: If it is still tied after "e" then a coin toss will be used to determine the rankings as long as all teams involved in the tie breaker make the playoffs. If one or more of the teams involved in the tie breaker will miss the playoffs then one extra game(s) will be used to determine the rankings. This game will be one set in length.

When you apply this rule to break a tie, you should follow the following sequence:
1) When two teams are tied, the tie-breaking criteria are applied one after the other until the tie has been broken.
2) When three or more teams are tied, the tie-breaking criteria are applied one after the other until all the tied teams have been ranked.

It is the responsibility of every athlete, coach and official to conduct themselves in a dignified and proper manner during the Spike It Tournament.
1) All competitors must be under the supervision of their adult coaches and/or designated adult guardians while on school property.
2) All athletes traveling to Yellowknife, by virtue of being away from their homes and parents, are understood to be under twenty-four supervision by their coaches and/or guardians.
Procedures for convening a Discipline/Protest Committee are as follows:
a) The gymnasium and school area is controlled by a tournament "whip", who, in turn, may have assistants or (after-hours) Security Guards. Alleged infractions shall be reported to the tournament whip. If the protest is a sport-related matter, the tournament whip shall render, in writing, a fair and reasonable decision.
 If an alleged infraction occurs outside the school venue during the Tournament, the incident shall be reported to the Chairperson of the Discipline/Protest Committee, who shall render, in writing, a fair and reasonable decision.
b) If the contingent involved with or affected by the alleged infraction is not satisfied with the decision of the tournament whip, they may appeal to the Chairperson of the Discipline/Protest Committee. A written protest shall be presented to the Chairperson of the Discipline/Protest Committee with a $20.00 payment. This payment will be refunded if the protesting contingent wins the appeal. The contingent must lodge their protest within three hours of the alleged infraction or tournament whip decision.

The members of the Discipline/Protest Committee will meet and review the infraction or protest, rendering a decision as soon as possible. The decision of the Discipline/Protest Committee is final and there shall be no further appeal.
Chairperson of the Discipline Committee
Darren Wicks

Triple Ball Rules to be used for Jr Spike It tournament

a) Switching to a different position from your service order during a rally is NOT allowed.
b) There are no substitutions in Triple Ball an injury has occurred.  There must be continuous flow on and off the bench in the exact order the players come off.   
c) Time outs cannot occur during a 3 ball sequence.
d) Athletes must play the tossed ball with a forearm pass, otherwise a replay will occur.   
e) All other standard volleyball rules not listed continue to apply.  


a) A coach or competent volunteer may be the 'tosser' and will introduce balls to their own team.
b) Balls are tossed underhand with two hands, with little to no spin and above the antennae to allow athletes to play the ball.
c) The tosser can step into the court to introduce the ball but must immediately move a safe distance away from the court after the toss.
d) The free ball must be tossed directly to the athlete in position six, otherwise a replay will occur.
e) The free ball will be introduced when the front row players are at the net and ready to transition; the tosser verbally cues the athletes by calling "Free Ball".  Tossers encourage a fast paced transition between an end of a rally and the next toss. 

2022 Jr Spike It! Rules

If you have immediate questions about Jr Spike It!, please contact the tournament whip: Darren Wicks (darren.wicks@yk1.nt.ca)